Hot Halloween Haunt

I love having a birthday just before Halloween because there are always fun Halloween events that I can piggyback for birthday celebrations. What’s even MORE fun about having my birthday around Halloween is having a best friend with a birthday the day after mine!  This friend and I are huge fans of trying new athletic things together, so for her birthday I enrolled us in Allure Fitness’ Hot Halloween Haunt Chair/Pole Dancing Workshop.

We got our spooky on with the beginner friendly (aka, right at our level) Halloween themed workshop.  We combined a devilish chair dance routine with steamy pole moves to ACDC’s Hells Bells.  It was memorable to say the least.  Luckily we weren’t the only first-timers in the room.

The chair portion of the routine wasn’t too complicated, but I nearly did lose her when her chair toppled over sideways during some sassy little leg kicks.  She also didn’t bring knee pads, and most of the class didn’t wear them, but after a few run throughs of the beginning (which included some hair flipping and hip swirling on our knees) I wimped out and put them on.  Knee pads are still sexy right?? As for the pole portion, I have always recognized the strength that it takes to pole dance, but I had never put my observation to the test.  We learned a few basic spins and one crazy wrist flippy thing that I still can’t get my head around, but what amazed me the most was the technical aspect of it – where our hands needed to be on the pole, if our thumbs were up or down, if we were grabbing over hand or under hand – it really does make a difference.  I also underestimated the amount of time I’d need to engage my adductors to perform some of the spins.  My adductors are one of my tightest muscle groups thanks to synchro and now I have quite the bruise forming on the inside of my right knee.

We love trying new things to keep exercise new and exciting.  At the end of the session we decided that we wouldn’t be quitting our day jobs any time soon, but we crossed two new activities off our list and had a lot of laughs.

I know there are a tonne of girls out there who swear by pole dancing in their fitness regiments.  Tell me why! Our interest was definitely sparked so maybe we’ll look into taking an intro course!


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