Drifting into the Week

Imagine looking up in the a perfect blue sky, with glimmers of pink from the setting sun, listening to the ripple of a lake kiss your bobbing stand up paddleboard while you lay in savasana, totally relaxed and carefree… That was how I ended my weekend today. It was perfect. My workout buddy bought us a Groupon deal for Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga through Moksha Yoga in Hamilton and we had an amazing time.

We started our hour and a half paddle with some laying and kneeling poses before spending some time paddling down Christie Lake at Christie’s Conservation Area in Hamilton, Ontario. I couldn’t handle not playing in the water, so before we started the really challenging balance poses, I dove off my board and went for a little swim.

I did spend some time on the board...
I did spend some time on the board…

The balancing poses began with Warrior pose. Simple stuff right? Apparently not. The boards Boga Yoga SUPs we were using were super wide and super stable, and I was one of the most experienced paddlers there, but I wiped right out – the first one in class to do so. Good thing I like the water! We then moved into Tree Pose, using the paddle as a balancing stick. The trick to nailing this one was to stand right behind the handle. I did get into a left legged tree pose (still working on stability after that sprain!) but it was for mere seconds. Next up was Dancer’s Pose … you can imagine how well that went. We then tried Wheel Pose and I rolled myself right into the water for the second or third time that session.

Our instructor Elda was super nice and ran a great class. A fellow instructor Nicole also came and took some photos for us! I can’t wait to see how they turned out… hopefully I’m on my feet in all of them 😉

Moksha Yoga Hamilton has at least one more SUP Paddle and Flow workshop (that I know of) left this summer. It’s taking place on September 9, 2015 from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. at Christie Lake Conservation Area. If you’re interested in taking your yoga or SUP practice to a new level while having a blast, check out their website or e-mail supyoga@mokshahamilton.com.


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