A Pleasant Surprise!

Baby’s already competed in its first 10k!

I have been a little MIA lately, but that’s because… I’m pregnant!! I’ve officially entered my second trimester, so my news is officially public and I couldn’t be happier to share my secret.

My husband and I officially decided in the summer that we wanted to start a family. My fitness plan while trying to become pregnant was always to keep up what I was doing until there was a reason to make changes. Well, little did I know while writing my last blog entry, that the time had already come!

For the moment, I’ve sidelined my other goals for my brand new goal: grow a strong, healthy baby! I’m still working out, swimming and eating healthy (for the most part!), but I have to do it with another person in mind, which has caused me to change things up a little bit.

My first workout after finding out I was pregnant was a doozie, but I had all these fine peeps to get through it with!

My trainers at Aftershok Fitness were some of the first to know about my pregnancy. When I first broke the news to them, I really relied on them to coach me through what I should and shouldn’t be doing-they have trained several clients through pregnancy and knew much more about it than I did. As the weeks pass, I’ve also learned that my own body is an excellent source of information. It’s very good at giving me cues on what it does and doesn’t want to do-I just have to be smart enough to listen!

Food. Wow. That’s been an adventure on its own. Although I was never physically sick in my first trimester, there were certain foods that I couldn’t even look at without turning green. Chicken and eggs were the biggest culprits which was painful for me because they were big staples in my diet. My diet pre-pregnancy was pretty high in protein and lower in fats and carbs. This was extremely hard to follow with the food aversions I was facing. I got to a point where I decided I just had to let go and eat to the best of my ability at that time. As long as I felt nourished, I knew the baby was getting what it needed and I was one step closer to my goal.

I’m excited for the second trimester! My friends and books have told me that the yuckiness of the first trimester will probably end, and that I’m entering the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. I’ll keep you updated on the things I learn along the way!


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