Baby Update

Our first highlight at the Christmas watershow… see ya Jenn!

The Christmas holidays are here and it’s extremely hard to believe that there will be a third person sharing in the season with us next year. I’m very very excited. Christmas is one of my favourite holidays because I love spending time with family and friends, relaxing at home, eating all the delicious food, time to reflect on the past year, and Netflix marathons. Our Christmas will never be the same, but I’m really looking forward to what the future brings with our little Crumb!

I’ve been creating some cartoon to illustrate some of my non photographed adventures in pregnancy. Check them out on my graphic design Instagram account (@charmillerdesign) or by searching #crumbmiller on Instagram.

Crumb?? Yes. Crumb. Most pregnant women use fruits and vegetables to describe the size of their growing fetus, but we found out so early that our little nugget didn’t even register on the scale. We started calling it Crumb, and its stuck!

Crumb also made its synchro debut this past weekend at my synchro club’s annual Christmas water show! I will admit, I get nervous before every performance, but I was extra nervous this time around because i didn’t know how well the nerves would combine with the hormones and all that jazz, but I was fine! My fear was all in my head (like usual), but I pushed through to prove that I could do it (also like usual). Have a look at what we’re working on this season:

Chicken and eggs are slowly rejoining my life! Not too long ago my hubby made dinner and cut my chicken breast into pieces so small that I could barely see them! So sweet. He also left the comfort of the couch on a seperate occasion to go and buy me black cherry ice cream… Total keeper.

Workouts have been my challenge as of lately. I’m use to throwing my everything into workouts and I’ve really needed to step back. When I do too much I just hurt.. everywhere. It’s not fun. As I mentioned previously, I’m really trying to listen to my body. Right now that means substituting several exercises, removing plyo and taking longer breaks between sets and workouts. This is all temporary right?? Does anyone have any tips for what to avoid/ways to relieve back pain?

Over the Christmas break I’m planning on cleaning out our office to make room for the new nursery as well as starting my baby registry when I’m not enjoying the best of the season. Where are my other pregnant moms? What’s the best running stroller and other fit mom gear I’m going to need?


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