Mermaid Party!!

Just in case you weren’t sure before – I’m a mermaid. (…But an actual legit one with a membership and everything now!) The Mermaid Club is a group of athletes from around the world who have joined forces to share our endeavors and inspire ourselves and those around us to get fit, stay fit, tackle … More Mermaid Party!!

Resolution Motivation

I’ve been an athlete for the majority of my life, but, like many, I always have a few fitness goals on my resolution list. In 2016, as I mentioned previously, I’d like to grow a healthy, strong baby, but once I’ve done that, I’d like to drop the baby weight quickly and continue my training … More Resolution Motivation

Baby Update

The Christmas holidays are here and it’s extremely hard to believe that there will be a third person sharing in the season with us next year. I’m very very excited. Christmas is one of my favourite holidays because I love spending time with family and friends, relaxing at home, eating all the delicious food, time … More Baby Update

A Pleasant Surprise!

I have been a little MIA lately, but that’s because… I’m pregnant!! I’ve officially entered my second trimester, so my news is officially public and I couldn’t be happier to share my secret. My husband and I officially decided in the summer that we wanted to start a family. My fitness plan while trying to … More A Pleasant Surprise!

Ready, set, GOALS!

I like making goals. Goals keep me focused. Goals give me something to reference. I have recently been working with a lifestyle and nutrition coach, and she’s into goals too (obviously!). I have a whole blog post dedicated to my experience with her geared up for next week, so I won’t go into too many … More Ready, set, GOALS!